June 6, 2010. A heartfelt thank you to all the veterans for their presence, including Mr. Houssaye, Mr. Jack Port, Mr. Curtis Philipps, Mr. Ranney, Mr. Minto, Mr. Dowell, Mr. Spriggs, Mr. Hirsh, Mr. Grove, Mr. Naggy, Mr. Conger, Mr. Martin, Elein and Dorothy, Mr. Gregg Layman, Mr. Nathan Rawson, Mr. Bob Reynolds, Mr. Robert Gehrett, Mr. Arthur Seltzer, Mr. Peter J. Pappas, and Mr. Rao Monovich.

Attending the ceremony commemorating the 65th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe were General Jimmy Weles, commander of the 7th Support Group in Europe, along with John Roman.

The Utah Beach D-Day Museum blanketed by snow…

415 mile run to celebrate freedom

Welcomed by the town of Sainte Marie du Mont, twenty Dutch sportsmen began a run from Utah Beach on May 2 with the objective to reach Stein, Netherlands on May 5, the anniversary of its liberation by the American troops in 1945. The relay race, with 6 mile legs, also passed through Honfleur and Waremme before arriving in Stein on the evening of May 5.